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Membership Information

This section   provides information on the benefits of Individual and School/Club membership   in the United States Taekwondo Won. It also includes the cost, terms of   membership, and a membership application for each category.

There are two ways you can join the USTW.   You can either sign up online or do so with a mail-in application.

Membership Benefits

The USTW is the American legacy of traditional TKD, and operates   as a national not-for-profit corporation with preferred tax status under   Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Tax Code. This serves to provide   special tax advantages to the members of the USTW in addition to the members   of the general public (individuals and entities) who might wish to make a   charitable contribution to the USTW. Below is some information on some of the   other benefits of membership in the USTW as well as products or services   offered through association with the USTW, that can add significant value to   your Taekwondo career, school or club.

Benefits of Individual membership:

      Annual identification card
    USTW embroidered patch and lapel pin

Ability to obtain gup (colored belt) or dan (black belt) certification
(you must apply through your instructor and certified school)

 Other notifications and national promotions

Benefits of School/Club   membership:

  •   Annual identification certificate
  • Ability to recommend gup (colored belt) or dan (black belt) certification, subject to Promotion Regulations
  • One delegate may vote at the Annual Meeting or Special Meeting of the Membership of the State Association, plus one additional delegate for each additional thirty members
  • Listing of the School/Club web site on the USTW national web site
  • Representation on the State Association Rank Examination and Promotion Committee as outlined in the Promotion Regulations
  • Other notifications and national promotions

Member   Solutions

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  • The membership period is 12 months from the date of application
  • The cost is $30.00 for one year, or $55.00 for two years
  • All Dues and Fees are Tax Deductible

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  • The membership period is 12          months from the date of application
  • The cost is $40.00 for one          year, or $75.00 for two years
  • All Dues and Fees          are Tax Deductible

Sign Up Online

Mail-In Registration Form