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2011 United States Taekwondo Won
National Instructors Certification Seminar

September 17, 2011

On behalf of the United States Taekwondo Won and its Officers and Board I would like to invite you to our upcoming 2011 United States Taekwondo Won National Instructors Certification Seminar on September 17, 2011.

This is the fifth annual presentation of this event. It has been enthusiastically received with several hundred master and instructors from across the country having earned and been issued their USTW Instructor Certification. Whether you are a Master first receiving this type of specialized Seminar training or if your are sending your students to participate, our participants will leave with a better understanding of the methods and principles of teaching Taekwondo.

I hope that you are able to be part of the improving of teaching standards in Taekwondo through this seminar. I look forward to seeing you in Louisville, KY.

- Sok Ho Kang, President

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(August 12, 2006)

The Fourth National USTW Instructor Certification Seminar was conducted on August 12, 2006, and was met with a gathering of Black Belts, Instructors and Masters of the United States Taekwondo Won in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

At this fourth annual such offering, the participants were treated to a wide variety of topics including: 

  • Taekwondo Teaching Methodology by Master Kim Limes of Ohio
  • Enhanced Business Marketing For Taekwondo Schools by Kathy Marlow, Director of Client Relations, Member Solutions
  • Legal Implications of Taekwondo by Roger Healey, Esq. of Ohio
  • Risk Management and Insurance for Taekwondo by Master Robert K. Fujimura of New York
  • First Care Response by Master Robert Beauchamp of Tennessee
  • Governance by Master George Wukovich, Esq. of Ohio 

The Opening Session included special presentations by United States Taekwondo Won (USTW) President Sok Ho Kang, along with opening remarks by USTW Supreme Promotion Board Chair, Grand Master Kyongwon Ahn, both original founding members of the United States Taekwondo Won organization.

This USTW  Instructor Certification Seminar program is a concentrated, practical opportunity for Taekwondo Black Belts, Instructors, Masters and Grand Masters to enhance and develop their teaching, management and business skills.  Participants received information and training about the current industry trends from experts in the martial arts community.  Presented as a service to any USTW Individual Member who holds a USTW Dan Certificate, all non-member Dan holders are invited to join the USTW, and to convert their current Dan Certificates, during the USTW  Instructor Certification Seminar registration process.

Over 50 individuals who successfully participated in this event received USTW Instructor Certification for levels from "Assistant Instructor" to "Instructor" and "Master Instructor".  In addition, 20 individuals converted their current Dan Certificates and received their official USTW  Dan Certificates. This fourth USTW Instructor Certification Seminar hosted participants from the East Coast and Midwest representing an eight state area.


The USTW Instructor Certification program “ a remarkable chance to challenge and upgrade the skills of our Taekwondo Community nationwide…" said Grand Master Kyongwon Ahn.  "As a first generation Taekwondo Master it allows me to pass the rich legacy of Taekwondo to the next generation of Taekwondo Masters and leaders".


President Sok Ho Kang was pleased with the seminar program, remarking that the event “…has continued to improve…” over the past four years. Indeed, the USTW has continued to make improvements to the Instructor Certification Seminar program. This seminar saw some individuals that had taken the first seminar, four years ago, either re-certify or upgrade their current USTW Instructor Certification.


The day concluded with USTW President Kang and Master George N. Wukovich, (who served as USTW National Events Coordinator and Chair of the Instructor Certification Committee)  personally presenting all the new USTW Instructor Certificates to the successful individual attendees, beginning with Master Instructor grades. USTW Dan Certificates and Membership packages were also distributed to new USTW members. 

2006 Instructor Seminar


(June 17, 2005)

The Third National Instructor Certification Seminar was held June 17th, 2005 in Anaheim, CA in conjunction with the 2005 USTW National Championships. 

The National Instructor Certification Seminar is held to upgrade the teaching skills of professional, part-time and assistant Instructors. USTW President, Grand Master Sok Ho Kang, introduced the featured presenters including: Grand Master Kyongwon Ahn; Grand Master Moo Yong Lee; Master George N. Wukovich, Esq; Master Robert Beauchamp; Master Robert Fujimura; and. Mr. Steve Pinado of APS. 

Seminar topics included: Taekwondo Teaching Methodology; Taekwondo History and Philosophy; The Law and Taekwondo; Risk Management Principles; and, Do Jang Administration

2005 Instructor Seminar

(Front row:, left to right): Master George N. Wukovich, Grand Master Moo Yong Lee, Grand Master Sok Ho Kang, Grand Master Kyongwon Ahn, Master Robert Fujimura, Master August O'Neal

(Back row: left to right): Donna Parsons, Adam Poe, Edgar Poe, John Merwin, Brad Lindamood, Julie Isch, Frederick Rydzewski, Karen Guzman

Click here for photo album of instructor certification seminar.

(September 19, 2004)

The USTW held its Second National Instructor Certification Seminar, which was very well received, on September 18–19, 2004 in Overland Park, Kansas. Below is a picture of the attendees of this event.

2004 Instructor Seminar

(September 20, 2003)

The USTW held its First National Instructor Certification Seminar on September 19–20, 2003 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Below is a picture of the attendees of this event.

2003 Instructor Seminar